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Posted by moblinhunter - February 29th, 2012

MH Reviews is now on a new site, so click the link below to check all new reviews here:

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Hi There MH here. Today I'm going to take a spotlight on a game from the legendary Zelda series and no not Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess is in fact my favourite Zelda game or the Cube version at least is. I have a great hatred for motion control games, I can't work them very well and I always feel like instead of looking awesome, I look like a guy trying to shake a mauling cat off his arm. Now I know thousands of fanboys just punched the air from me saying Twilight is better, don't worry, I'm not saying Ocarina is bad, in fact it's my 2nd favourite game and to this day the game I've played more than any other one. So what might you say makes it better well, dungeon designs for one. Now as much as I love Ocarina, didn't you happen to be a little annoyed at the dungeons, as young link you go through 3 dungeons, forest, fire, water and what are you rewarded with as the first three dungeons of adult link may I ask, why forest, fire, water, while with Twilight the 2nd half begins with sand, ice and whatever the Temple of Time can be classed as. Twilight Princess also has much better dungeon items, come on you all know the clawshots are better than the longshot and no matter what you say, you can't hide the fact when you got those items you were secretly singing to yourself the spiderman theme. The Gale Boomerang was a good way to revitalise an old classic and allowing more than one bomb bag was a great idea with different types of bombs, but the best change was to the bow bringing back the bomb arrows from Link's Awakening, come on it's Link with a rocket launcher, what's not to like. On the other items, I will admit, the dominion rod is a little crappy and don't get me started on the whole glowing master sword from the palace of Twilight, but the Ball and Chain was awesome and even more so was the Spinner, basically a giant ridable beyblade.

The game does have another big issue, the sumo sections, WHAT THE FUCK? Why were they even there, you do two training fights with the ordon mayor and then one last fight with a goron and that's it, never to be seen again, they might as well not put it in the game. The game had some brilliant level designs including the grind walls and the magnetic floors, walls and ceilings, I of course didn't start out singing dancing on the ceiling, honestly. One of the best parts of the game was the Midna and Wolf Link sections, which left you relying on Midna's powers and the basic skills of a wolf instead of an arsenal of weaponry ,cause let's face it, in most Zelda games Link has enough firepower to orbit Chuck Norris himself. Midna I would say is a better sidekick than Navi since she knows when to SHUT THE FUCK UP! The bosses were grand and exciting and one of the dungeons is centred around finding ingredients for a soup, classic.

However the naysayers will say oh it's too much like Ocarina. I'm sorry isn't that what you people wanted after you bitched The Wind Waker to death even though it's an awesome, maybe too short, but awesome game. If you want a game to be like Ocarina, just look at Skyward Sword, sorry to spoil things so if you haven't beat that game yet, come back when you have, I'll wait...

you back yet....

Okay whatever, the game takes you to the Temple of Hylia which IS the Temple of Time and you end up travelling through TIME through the Door of TIME, as well as turning some areas from one time to another. Hell you even use Sheik's harp from Ocarina and look it's adult link playable it must be Ocarina again. And another point nobody bitched about Oracle of Ages, a game where you constantly travel through time. There just seems to be this convention with Zelda games where it's a sin to bad mouth it before it comes out and then when it's out bitch cause it's not as good as ocarina or it's nothing like ocarina and when they give you Twilight Princess, oh it's suddenly too similar. I LOVE the Zelda series, every last game except Zelda 2 and the CD I games, fucking CD I games, you mother...

Oh I'm back. Another point that keeps getting raised is the so called add on of Ganon, hey you beat Zant but look Ganon like he was hidden, it said in the cutscenes after the 4th dungeon that Zant got his power from Ganon, or did you all get bored and skip the cutscenes. But in the end I'm not going to convince you that Twilight is the best, every Zelda fan has their favourite and I'm not going to change their opinions, but I will say this, make up your own minds, don't be a slave to a trend and one day, they'll be a Zelda game to steal Ocarina's crown.

Posted by moblinhunter - August 6th, 2011

Hi there, I've finally decided to set up a newgrounds account, what I'm gonna use it for though, no idea, but who knows?
Also check out the hard man pony below, just cause something can be considered cute, doesn't mean it can't kick ass.

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